The Longest Mile

Yesterday I finally swam one mile without stopping!  It wasn’t pretty — I had to swim on my back for parts of it — but I did it.  I am really enjoying a sense of accomplishment today.  For me, swimming a mile is the culmination of nearly a year of training that consisted of countless hours in the pool where I shed some blood and took my first lesson in over a decade.

Knowing that I can swim a mile is a huge confidence booster.  Exactly two weeks from today, I will swim a mile in the Potomac River.

In addition to finally swimming a non-stop mile yesterday, I also rode 25 miles and ran a 5k.  So I came very close to a full Olympic Distance Triathlon.  I didn’t feel great through my whole experience, but I’ll chalk it up to the fact that I had limited opportunities to train this past week.  Actually, considering that my total training consisted of running two miles last week, I was surprised how well my body performed.

This upcoming week, my game plan is to cut back on my work outs.   They will be shorter and lighter than normal.  Workouts will be very light early next week, and I plan to rest two or three days before the race.


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