My First Swim Lesson

I grew up swimming competitively, but my interests changed when I got to 7th or 8th grade and I moved on to other things.  That was 13 years ago.  I never swam another lap until October 2009, when I started training for The Nation’s Triathlon.

I struggled a bit with the open water swimming in the DC Triathlon.  Since then I’ve been concerned about the swim leg of The Nation’s Triathlon and have put as much time in at the pool as I can.

This past weekend I took advantage of a free open water swim lesson The Nation’s Triathlon provided to participating athletes.  My first swim lesson since 1997.  Three coaches supervised the practice: one coached a local women’s swimming team, one was an open water swimming expert, and one looked just like Bill Hader.


Bill Hader

One of the swim coaches at open water swim practice.


The Athlete Village also attended and filmed us with underwater cameras.  For a fee, we could purchase analysis of our stroke from Athlete Village coaches.

The practice concluded with drills to help us swim around buoys more efficiently and a simulation of a triathlon start.   I could never get that experience swimming alone.  The Nation’s Triathlon also gave away free bags, water bottles, Gu, and issues of Competitor Magazine.

After swimming so many hours in the pool alone, I had fun practicing with a group of people.


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