One Month Until Destiny

I take on the Nation’s Triathlon exactly one month from today.

I got away from my routine of posting some thoughts about triathlon every weekend. I did not get away from my exercise routine though, and have kept pretty busy. This post is a few micro-posts I’ve been meaning to write.


I recently switched up my running workouts from running outside to running on a treadmill. I was a little disappointed.  It feels like my running endurance has decreased slightly since the last time I stepped on a treadmill this past spring. Leading up to Nation’s, I think it could be beneficial to mix in a few treadmill workouts.


I discovered in the DC Triathlon that swimming in an open body of water is more challenging than swimming in the local pool. To compensate for that in Nation’s, I’m trying to get my distances well over the mile I’ll need to swim. I’ve committed to doing flip turns at the end of every lap, no excuses. I cheated in every swim workout leading up to the DC Triathlon, skipped doing flip turns, and paid a price in the Potomac. I’m also planning to attend an open water swimming clinic that the Nation’s Triathlon is providing to participating athletes for free.

The Miracle of Sports Nutrition

I’ve been experimenting with different nutrition supplements over the past month. I have a system that seems to be really working well with my body right now. During shorter weekday workouts, I go with a low-calorie G2 Gatorade before work outs, and optionally recover with a Cliff Bar (Blueberry Crisp is awesome!).
I’ve been using PowerBar Gels for my Saturday bricks (triathletes call really long workouts, where they basically do a mini-triathlon a “brick”.) I save the Gels for workouts where I know I’ll be working out for longer than 2 hours straight. I’ve noticed that Gels noticeably improve my stamina towards the end of a 2-4 hour workout.
I don’t think that you really need to buy any of this stuff to get the proper nutrients, stay properly hydrated, and maintain your electrolytes (especially during long workouts), but they are incredibly convenient.



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3 responses to “One Month Until Destiny

  1. Punita

    Good luck on the impending tri! Remember to take some time off to save your strength for the big day. I can’t say mine was fun the entire time, but the feeling of accomplishment afterward made it all worthwhile!

  2. Marie Crawford

    I’m so proud of you Chris! You are doing amazing and are such an inspiration for me to keep up and keep in shape. Don’t forget how important water, vegetables, and proteins are for you as well!!! ❤

  3. @Punita: Thanks! I definitely plan to taper and then rest up before this one. I’m starting to get a little nervous…this time I know what I’m up against as far as the open water swimming goes. Are you going to do any triathlons in 2011?

    @Marie: Thanks Marie!

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