I Am a Triathlete

Two weekends ago I came one huge step closer to my goal and completed the DC Triathlon!  I was completely surprised that I finished in under 2 hours (it took me 1 hour, 37 minutes), and I finished in the top 25% of triathletes in the race!

Show and Tell

I’d rather show than tell about this race.  Click this link to see my DC Triathlon experience.

DC Triathlon put together a great animation of the race, too.  When you click the link in the previous sentence, you can see how I did versus other men in my age group.  If you play with the options, you can add in other age groups, too.  I had fun watching myself race Lisa Millar.

Every athlete in this race got their own profile.  Here’s mine.

Reflecting on My First Tri

I’m really excited that I conquered my fear of swimming in an open body of water. I was a bit disappointed that it took me so long to swim 800m in the river compared to how much faster I was swimming in the pool. I’ll be a little more mentally prepared for the swim in my next tri.

When I got to the finish, I expected that I might get emotional. Nope. When I finished, I was excited, but it felt kind of routine because of all the training I had done.

I saw this article on Runner’s World recently, and thought this would be a good time for me to take a stab at answering those questions for myself.

  • What, if anything, about your first race took you by surprise? (Pleasantly or otherwise?)
    • I was surprised how friendly my fellow triathletes were before, during and after the race.  I was also really surprised by the fans that came out to cheer us along.  I’ve never been in a race where people cheer from the side of the road before…
  • What, if anything, would you do differently, if you could go back and do your first triathlon all over again?
    • If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.  It was a blast, and a great learning experience.
  • What advice would you give to fellow runners who are considering signing up for their first triathlon?
    • Just do it.  Sign up for one now.  Everything that happens after you sign up becomes a personal test of character, so I only know what worked best for me.  The journey of training for a triathlon is as important as the race, so enjoy it.

Looking Forward

I’m definitely addicted to this sport. I can’t wait to do my next triathlon!


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